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Encounters For the Kids! The Key Biscayne Presbyterian School held their 8th Annual Stone Crabs Under The Stars dinner and fundraiser to benefit the school. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Billy and Liz Pesch 2. Pauline and Bob Shaw 3.Julie Stuart and Galicia Rothe 4. Amy and Dr. Jaime Zambrano, Paige Latterner and Christian Balbontin 5. Javier and Romina Lentino 6. Jennifer Cortes, Chris Figueredo, Rev. David Moran and Lara Figueredo 7. Leni Weber, Sigrum Hernandez, Monica Campana and Jill Stephens 8. Jennifer Cortes, Lisa Velazquez, Valeria Borroto and Amelita Courtney 9. Jennifer Foster, Ana Ramoski and Liz Pesch 10. Tricia, Cork and Julie Flik 11. Kim Rizio, Ricardo and Amy Valdivia 12. Eduardo and Gabriela Imery and Tom and Maite Thornton 13. Vanessa Chartouni De la Serna and Jose and Veronica Hidalgo 14. Enrique and Astrid Falla 15. Meg Holderman, Melissa Silva and Liz Pesch 16. Anne Rothe and Jane Stuart 17. Stacia and John Paul Bahamondes 18. Jen Earle, Jose Lopez and Julie Islami 19. Katja and Roberto Carvalho 20. Alfredo and Beatriz Rabassa 21. Lupe and Graham Curtis and Tonya Souki 1 2 5 8 90 3 4 6 7 9