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Encounters What a Ball! Lourdes Jofre Collett and Tim Collett hosted a kick-off party at their private residence for Baptist Hospital Gold Anniversary Ball, which will take place on Nov. 20, 2010. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Steven Minor, Karl Cetta and Jorge Picaza 2. Lourdes Jofre Collette and Barbara Norland 3. George Foyo and Lois Russell 4. Pam Garrison and Dede Moss 5. Mike Walsh and Risa and Stephen Parsons 6. Dan and Trish Bell, Tim Collett and Lourdes Jofre Collett 7. Luisa Foyo, Lourdes Jofre Collett and Lori Elsbree 8. Jorge and Mari Tere Trelles 9. Pam Garrison and Kirk London 10. Eric Garcia and Cristina Menendez 11. Patsy and Arturo Aballi 12. Ruth and Ron Rosenberg 13. Ricardo Jofre and Lourdes Jofre Collett 14. Cecilia Ruttiman, Steven Minor, Carmencita Butler and Marco Ruttiman 1 2 5 88 3 4 6