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Encounters POWER LAUNCH EFG International’s principal wealth management business in the U.S., EFG Capital, recently established an office in Key Biscayne supported by the KeyStar Group of EFG Capital. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Carlos Moni, Josie Beeck, Victor Echavarria and Marlo Fernandez 2. Mari and Sixto Campano 3. Jeanette Barker, Lourdes Almagro-Araujo and Alexandra Rumie 4. Ana Somarriba and Marla Patricia Somarriba 5. John Coronel, Scout Weyman, Silvana Santos and Manuel Fernandez 6. Aurelio Del Corral, Octavio and Florencia Rinaldi and Alejandro Robledo 7. Ethan Jonson and Ariel Jimenez 8. Jorge Boj, Jessica Fiocco and Fernando Rodriguez 9. Maria Luisa de Jesus and Henry Devalle 1 2 3 5 7 84 4 6 8 9