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Encounters MOTIVATED YOUTH Glam Events, Inc., & Kierin’s Creations hosted an event to remember in honor of the Motivated Youth Program. Guests were treated to a spectacular performance by Bolivian Rock singer Pancara and a fashion show by couture designer Timoteo Corelli. There was also a fine jewelry raffle by Buchwalds Jewelers. The event raised $20,000 for the program. 1. David Evensky, Harriet Carte, Councilman Williams, Commissioner Dede Weinhorn, Jairo Martinez, Pancara & Christina Lama 2. Eddie Cohen, Alex Cohen & Vilma Cohen 3. Frances Villagomez & Stacey Thomas 4. Gustavo Basulto, Ysset Boan, Alex Vizcaino 5. Pancara, David Evensky, Areca Whatmore & Timoteo Corelli 6. Virginia Sachs, Judi Pasternac, Barbara Moss & Dolly Santana 7. Harold Foster & David Evensky 8. Jairo Martinez & Heidi Graff 9. Ysset Boan, David Evensky & Christina Lama 3 2 5 7 1 4 6 8 9 april 2009 93