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Encounters BENEFIT BAZAAR The Rusty Pelican hosted a Nicaraguan brunch, bazaar and fashion show to benefit the Fundacion Manos del Sur in Nicaragua, whose mission is to provide children living in extreme poverty in Central America with the opportunity to grow into healthy, productive adults. 1. Yvette Broucek, Andrea Connor, Ana Tootle & Karla Bueno. 2. Ana, Charlotte, Carmen Elena Somarriba & Susan Joch. 3. Amy Hernandez & Nahzaya Mendez. 4. Carolina Ballestas & Chila Batalha. 5. Natalia Caicedo, Lorenza Hoyos, Christiane Ulvert & Cristina Hoyos. 6. Adriana Spitale, Annie Gonzalez & Marcela Alvarez. 7. Isabelle Roy, Coralie Duchamp & Susan Joch. 8. Paulina Montes & Ana Somarriba 9. Ana, Charlotte and Maria Patricia Somarriba. 10. Isabel Diaz, Jackie Aller & Christine Wing- Meyer. 11. Coralie Duchamp, Isabelle Roy & Mary Jo Pinedo. 12. Maria Patricia Somarriba, Trini Wagner & Emma Cipriani-Agati. 13. Fabianne Galchter and Nicole Shelley from Shelley Model Agency. 14. Lilean Peirce, Marcela Gil, Karla Bueno & Liliana Sanchez. 15. Lia Rodriguez & Rayza Cordero. 16. Mercedes Albrecht, Alexander & Adriana Von Simson with Maru Alvarez. 17. Lauren Batlle, Marissa Prado, Mara Santalla & Ana Ines Bonet. 18. Randy Lack-Marquina, Claudia Batlle, Maria Cruz Waterhouse & Lauren Batlle. 1 2 3 6 112 key biscayne magazine 4 5 7 8