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Encounters TOTALLY HONORED There’s nothing like a grand goodbye party filled with old friends, libations and overall good cheer. Such was the case when Adrienne Arsht, who has served as chairman of TotalBank for more than a decade before stepping down after the bank was sold to Banco Popular, was honored at a tribute celebration hosted at the Biltmore Hotel. The event also introduced Banco Popular’s Jorge Rossell as the new TotalBank chairman. 1. Hildergarde Lescham, Jose Taveras & Adrienne Arsht. 2. Raquel Matas, Monica Uncein & Javier Naranjo. 3. Jorge Rossell & Marcial Solis. 4. Gabriel Serrano & Teresa Rodriguez. 5. Maria Elena Salinas & John Yearwood. 6. Jose Gonzalez, Nancy Sanchez & Tony Leon. 7. Alfredo Manrara, Pete Cabrera & Albert Vivas. 1 2 3 6 4 5 7 april 2008 103