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Encounters CABANA CRAWL Long-time Key Biscayne residents Marianne and Carlos Coto organized the 3rd annual Cabana Crawl at Oceacn Club to benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. Having planned the event to coincide with the full-moon, the “crawlers” went from cabana to cabana, where they were greeted with an assortment of food, libations and music. The entertainment at the Coto’s cabana was provided by Don Pan owners Edgar and Betty and by a saxophonist named German. Other hosts dressed their cabanas in a variety of U.S. themes, such as “Mini Fenway Park,” “Boston Seafood Market,” and “Mardi Gras,” to name a few. Others added international flair to the Crawl by offering treats from their country of origin, including Peru, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, El Salvador, France, Italy, India and the Greek Isles. 1 1. Hector Obregon, Yoana Obregon & Ana Obregon. 2. Gloria Plaza, Silvia Tarafa & Marianne Coto. 3. Vivian Galego-Mendez & Betty C. Portuondo. 4. Marianne & Carlos Coto. 5. Alberto & Beba Ruiz. 6. Miguel Angel & Miriam Lopez. 7. Cristina Greeven & Martha Blanco. 8. John & Iris Fisher. 9. Rich & Nichole Aldrich. 10. Gerry O’Hara & Thania Vernon. 11. Jean-Jacques & Patricia Bona. 12. Herb Kassoff. 13. Steven & Maritza Minor. 14. Loren & Alexandra Leitman. 15. Sheala & Sandy Fox. 16. Frank Guerra, Alina & Fausto Gomez. 17. Stephen Liedman, Robert & Thania Vernon. 18. Murf & Pachy Buttler with Rich Aldrich. 2 3 6 100 key biscayne magazine 4 5 7 8