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Compass C o nn o isseur TEA IS SERVED If you’ve been binge-watching The Royals on E! or are over the moon about the plans for Beckham’s new stadium in town, and want a proper English celebration, head over to Serendip-A-Tea in Kings Creek for a festive chug…of tea. T E X T BY F R A N CE S C A C R UZ Best friends Norma Jean (yes, she’s a Marilyn Monroe fan) Abraham and Iliana Garcia dreamt up the idea of setting up a teashop to enjoy and share their love of “teatime.” With its shabby-chic décor, Serendip-A- Tea is a place to come and get better acquainted with the history of teas, sample exotic blends and discover new fusions. Customers can come in for a “spot of tea” and of course delight in some of the customary accompaniments: tea sandwiches, crumpets, scones and all the traditions associated with this delicate hour. Whether you like a robust black, a calming green, a refreshing herbal or a citrus oolong, you’re sure to find one you’ll love within their collection of 23 varieties, and counting. Serendip-A-Tea is located in the Kings Creek area; close to the University of Miami, 305.333.2258, 8004 SW 81st Dr.; 70