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Compass H om e DOOR CHIC Sliding doors have come a long way from the flat-fronted wood closet doors still found in many houses today. Sliding Doors by California Closets has turned this once utilitarian piece into art. Their product line works equally well as room dividers, office partitions and anywhere you need a space-saving alterative to swing doors. Available in a wide variety of styles and finishes to complement California Closets’ storage solutions, they also stand alone as architectural accents; — SAN DY LI N D S EY PLUSH SEATING Bean bags are comfy & fun, but rarely sophisticated. Parker Wool changes all that with their Sheepskin Bean Bag that fits any décor from traditional to contemporary, snowy to tropical. It’s available in two plush sizes: 3 ft. to snuggle one or 6 ft. for more social interactions. Available in ivory, linen, vole & steel; — SANDY LINDSEY HOME LOL From caves to hi-rise condominiums, we’ve come a long way in our residences. Here’s some cool trivia that’s taken place from the beginning of time to present. TEX T BY STACY W YNN 30 HOUSEWARMING GIFTS The term housewarming is literal. Guests once brought firewood as an offering to new homeowners and used it to light all the fireplaces in the house. The purpose was to ward off evil spirits & ghosts. RED WELCOME A red front door has had many meanings beyond good feng shui. In Scotland, it signals owners have paid off their mortgage. During the American Revolution, it signified a home was safe for travelers. PRESIDENTIAL POWER The White House did not have running water until 1835. It received central heat in the same year. It wasn’t until 1891 that electric lights came along. In 1979, Jimmy Carter installed solar panels to conserve energy.