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Encounters w/ EWM 1 2 3 4 5 Well Done EWM Realty International recently celebrated their annual Awards Presentation at Jungle Island to honor those within their organization who break the mold and continually strive toward success. 1. Susana Medrano Roth, Florencia Moni 2. Maria Mayoral, Marla Patti 3. Esther Prat, Vivian Galego-Mendez 4. Marilyn Borroto, Florencia Moni 5. Giulietta Ulloa, Top Producer, Key Biscayne Office 6. Susana Medrano Roth, Pity Betancourt, Noelie Blanco, Marianela Montenegro 7. Rocio Ulloa, Marianela Montenegro, Giulietta Ulloa, Ronald Shuffield 8. Isis Alvarez-Renta, Angela, Gilberto Ocampo 6 7 192 8