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Encounters @ Commenoz Gallery 1 2 3 4 GLOBAL CREATIVE Commenoz Gallery celebrate the opening of Travel Tales, featuring the most recent work of two artists: Joaquin Gonzalez, who creates big canvases inspired by his visits to The Amazon; and Phillip Stapleton, who creates sculptures of giant insects using recycled materials. 1. Bobbie Rege, Maria Garcia, Naydu Commenoz 2. Oscar Ojeda, Amy Iglesias 3. Carmen Tonarely, Barbara Lamar, Hilda Tonarely 4. Viridian Barbeito, Joaquin Gonzalez 5. Phil Stapleton, Joan Giambanco 6. Ysee Gaudel-Eisel, DJ Stephen Eisel 7. Christel Skinner, Silvio Gayton 8. Kristy Barani, Dr. Jeffrey Gibson 5 6 166 7 8