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Encounters yacht party Eddie Franco and Sarah Richardson hosted a party aboard their yacht, Sweet Sarah, to celebrate the birthdays of Candice McCarthy and Paola Padovan. Over 50 guests enjoyed a night of delicious food, music and great company. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Donnie Hall, Bill Stephens, Mike Davey 2. Paola Padovan, Donnie Hall 3. Leni Weber, Amy Zambrano, Brett Graff, Jill Stephens, Mary Allraum 4. Pedro Lujan, Carolina Montiel-Lujan 5. Candice McCarthy, Gregory Sicard, Tennille Bartlett 6. Dr. Jaime Zambrano, Thomas Allraum 7. Mike Davey, Bill Crabill, Tom DiNanno 8. Zita & Ivan Delevic 9. Steven & Maritza Minor 10. Maria Thorne, Sally Seltzer 1 2 5 8 150 3 6 4 7 9 10