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T here’s a myriad of explanations for why Caroline Wozniacki is just 20 years old and at the apex of her professional career, with no indication that she’ll look back nor head down. Could it be the effect of the law of attraction? She has kept her eye on the prize since taking up athletics — first swimming, then in soccer and ultimately playing tennis, all beginning around the time she could walk. Then again, athleticism is in her genetic makeup: Her parents, Piotr and Anna, were professional athletes in their native Poland — her mom a professional volleyball player; her father a sought- after soccer professional. Today, Dad is her coach and #1 fan. “I remember my parents and brother were playing for fun in the summer and I was the umpire because no one wanted to play with me,” she says. “So I took a racquet and some balls and began to hit against the wall. I always set small goals for myself. First I wanted to beat my parents, and then my brother. When that happened, I kept setting goals for myself and quickly found out that I was better than others my age.” 109