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Encounters@KB Burger BURGER BITES KB Burger & More held it’s Grand Opening on Key Biscayne. The entire neighborhood took a collective big bite out of the new juicy offerings. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Amin Taoulost, Philip Wynne and Raffaele Mandis 2. Adriana Wynne and Francoise Dreuil 3. Heidi Arguelles, Christian Balbontin and Page Latterner 4. Jeff and Lance Grainger 5. Froncoise Dreuil, Maria Isabel Cordovas and Benedicte Blanc-Fontinelle 6. Camille, Anastasia, Richard and Sarah Wagner 7. Terry and Norris Fein 8. Brett Graff and Barbara Peña 9. Daelyn and Mika Einhorn, Isabella, Olivia, Alessandra and Tino Peña 10. Melissa, Galo and Michelle Bustamante 11. Alexia Noriega and Remi Fuchs 12. Andres Urpi and Monica Ciocca 13. Adriana and Philip Wynne 14. Bruno, Helio, and Katalina Gara 2 1 4 3 5 120 6