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Encounters@Novecento Divine Dine Novecento Restaurant held its Grand Opening at their new Key Biscayne location. The island’s who’s who showed up to taste the new fare and sip on the restaurant’s signature cocktails. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Claudia and Javier Cividini 2. Simon, Marjorie and Samuel D’Alfonso, Pablo Arraya and Domenico D’Alfonso 3. Dr. Jaime Vergara, Susana and Lily Pais and Carlos Morales 4. Annette Lopez, Maria Jose Valdivieso and Sandra Munilla 5. Belen Robredo and Graciaela Ortiz 6. Andres and Carolina Ballestas 7. Laura Jergal, Maria Merecedes Gonzalez and Rita Interano 8. Miguel Lain and Mario Velo 9. Fatima, Rafael and Delia Olarra 10. Juan Castro Alter and Verónica Alter Olivera 11. Laurent Issartel Alain de Grelle and Sterling Hamill 12. Silvia Pesci and Maritza Minor 13. Adriana Spitale, Cecilia Piva, Mora Rolotti and Silvia Pesci 14. Angeles Helou, Gaby Heinz and Florencia and Carlos Moni 15. Luciana and Diego Barral 16. Eloy Quintanero, Rocio Abollado and Miklos Zudor 17. Pablo Rolotti, Javier Cividini and Hector Rolotti 18. Edgar and Cecilia Beltran 19. Name First Name and Name First Name 20. Mark Kirn Francoise Dreuil, Eduardo Blanco and Marianna Martin 2 1 3 4 5 7 8 118 6 9