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Encounters GRAND OPENING Sanlorenzo of the Americas and yachtBlue celebrated their Grand Opening complete with cocktails, cigar rolling, live bossa nova music and hors d’oeuvres. The night of networking in Fort Lauderdale was one to remember for guests who attending the exclusive event. 1. Erin, Pete Lawton, Gary Tschetter, Jerry Johnson & Christine Chiappe 2. Tim Broderick & Julie 3. Gigi Garcia, Thalia Puente & Ricardo Rongen 4. Silvia & Alberto Maspons 5. Zuleyma Bebell, Angela Scheffler, George Jousma (President/CEO), Cambry Czuplak, Steve Martin, Marty Lowe & Albert Prego 6. Mike and Wendy Bauerschmidt, Albert Prego, Julie & Tim Brodericki 7. Mike Abbott, Debbie Bishop, George Jousma & Bart Bishop 8. Jean-Guy Lalonde, Marlene De Sousa, Marcia Pereira & Eduardo Pereira 9. Adrianna Campusano, Heidi Amacher, Esther Amacher & Daniel burger 2 3 4 5 7 1 6 8 9 march 2009 134