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The Great Indoors SLICE OF PARADISE A dream come true for any family, this jewel of a home overlooks beautiful Pines Canal and has water on two sides, showcasing breathtaking, private vistas all year long. TE X T BY YOSHI S ANZ PH OTOS CO UR TE S Y O F G RE AT PRO PER TIE S INT’L RE ALTO R S: DANIEL G AV IRIA; 305.582.4800; DANIELGG AV IRIA@H OTM AIL .COM; ANA S O M ARRIBA; 305.215.1686; S OM ARRIBA ANA@H OTM AIL .COM; CO NTAC T: G RE ATPRO PER TIE SINTL .COM; 100C APEFLO RIDADR.COM 56