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Encounters @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club COMMUNITY TIES The Key Biscayne Yacht Club hosted a fundraiser entitled “Play For Puerto Rico: A Humanitarian Disaster Relief” to send supplies to Puerto Rico. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Mariels Valdez, Isabella Otero, Simon Angeli, Gilles Bastie 2. James Salas, Kelly Mulligan, Maggie & Jorge Llanso, Paige Latterner 3. Barbara Vicito, Craig Hardie, Barbara Lamar 4. Yoli & Eric Godreaou, Mariane Fischer 5. Ariel & Claudia Diaz 6. Elizabeth Cusack, Robert Lowry, Maggie Llanso 7. Isabella Otero, Camille Cardona, Patricia Urban 8. Jorge Llanso, Elizabeth Cusack, Fredy Gomez De Cordoba, Rose Hainey 9. Ana Greeven, Melissa Alvarez, Helen Brown 10. Joe & Ana Brennan 11. Fredy Gomez De Cordoba, Patricia Urban 1 2 3 4 5 116