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Antonio Braschi & Elisa Di Costra Residence: The Towers Of Key Biscayne Time together: 16 years Children & Pets: Antonella, 12; Antonio Luis, 10; no pets Professions: They are the owners of Costa Med & Kazumi in Key Biscayne How they met: Being Italian, she was a regular client for Parmigiano Reggiano at his food service company in Caracas. What do you love about each other? Antonio: “Her work capacity, the rest is X-rated…; Elisa: “His intelligence and the way he smells.” What can’t you stand? Antonio: “Her stubbornness.”; Elisa: “He’s very indecisive.” Romantic nicknames: He calls her “Gorda”; she calls him “Papi”. Ideal “date night”: A weeknight diner at their favorite French restaurant. How have you made each other better? “Together, we have created a very beautiful family.” Best way to describe your relationship? Antonio: “A team!”; Elisa: “Mars & Venus!” 58