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Encounters @ The Ocean Club CITY EVOLUTION Ocean Club Realty invited residents for a presentation of Brickell City Centre serving as “The New Heart of Brickell” by Fortune International Realty. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Natalia Anda, Ulises Reyes, Bea Reguera, Bob Battle, Martha & Mike Ortiz 2. Marilyn Cale, Lisa Blackman 3. Allison Ortiz Chris & Lisa Blackman 4. Allison Ortiz, Juan Murcia, Alina Gimenez, Gloria Caicedo 5. Monica Henao, Linda Salcedo 6. Dalmira & Robert Meyer 7. Daniel Dyner, Phillipe Neuman 8. Murf & Pachi Butler 1 2 140 3