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Encounters w/ PhilanthroFest 1 3 2 4 5 Change-Makers PhilantroFest officially kicked off their big plans for 2014 with a VIP (Very Important Philanthropist) gathering of community leaders, civic innvovators and visionary change-makers to welcome new board members, volunteers, sponsors and participants to this year’s events. — Photos by Korey Davis 6 7 120 1. Alejandro Servalli, Jess Cerda-Antomarchi, Jorge Arauz, Estrellita Sibila 2. Lawrence Pedrosa, Monica Bojan, Alex De Carvalho 3. Jason Inasi, Dominique Silvey 4. John Peter Mahoney, Ilanit Simhi 5. Aileen Alon, Alexis Guillen 6. Luigi Lone, Daniella Veras, Rosie Lone 7. Dani Bernal, James Echok, Annett Peikert 8. Victor Swaroop, Rhonda Binda, Makeda Mclune, Vincent Carthron 8