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Encounters w/ Malena Assing 1 2 3 4 Elite Showcase Award-winning photographer Malena Assing showcased her work for VIP Vernissage aboard a luxury yacht at The Riverwalk Sculpture Mall during the Miami River Int’l Art Fair. — Photos by Monika Zdziebkowska 5 1. Lisette Ramirez, Malena Assing, Maritza Minor 2. Patricia Alba and Erica Oviedo 3. Maria Hebditch and his son Victor Hebditch 4. Liliana y Eduardo Barale 5. Magdalena Palmero and Laura Villareal 6. Manuel Sanchez-Castillo and Sara Miller 7. Joe Formen and Ana Valles 8. Romina y Javier Lentino 6 122 7 8