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Encounters w/ Rotary Club of KB 1 3 2 4 5 SAVOR UP The 8th Annual Rotary Club of Key Biscayne’s Wine & Food Fest at The Links featured, among other offerings, varieties of New World wines competing against Old World wines with proceeds benefiting charitable work for adults and children. — Photos by Maritza Minor 6 7 120 1. Luisell Brito, Ellen Blasi, Gigi Costa 2. David, Daniel & Reina Gonzalez, Duanel Valdivia 3. Dr. Susana Leal-Khouri, Dr. Katherine Biggs 4. Paty Daly, Federico Vaccari 5. Francisco & Paulina Montes 6. Lisa Bonich, Manny Alonso, Catalina Zorrilla, Luis Chaves 7. Beatriz Nichols, Fernando & Ammita Algarra 8. Mike Gonzalez, Maggie, Stephanie & Ruben Weisson 9. Maria Hebditch, Claudia Suarez, Luisell Brito, Mayra Poldo 10. Javier Cividini, Yoandy Paez 11. Ana Maria & Pedro Capo 12. Ed & Lorraine Meyer 13. JStephen Takach, Ted Eldredge, Ellen Blasi, Peter Verbeeck, Patricia Romano 14. Alex Ferrari, Ratih Simmons, Juan Carlos Gonzalez 15. David Bremer, Clayton McRory 16. Dr. Vicky Rivas-Vazquez, Marc Port 17. Maria Paz Victoria, Roberto Alvarez, Claudia Alvarez