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Encounters @ Key Biscayne 1 2 3 4 OH BABY! Celebrating a momentous occasion, Viviana Diaz, family & friends recently gathered for a baby shower to remember. 5 7 116 1. Janet Tralins, Sandra Savini, Sandra Diaz, Viviana Diaz, Magdalena Tomasino 2. Clara Romero, Karla D. Bueno, Tere Galla 3. Sophie Bamps, Sandra Sabini 4. Viviana Diaz, Karla D. Bueno 5. Viviana Diaz 6. Lourdes Alatriste, Viviana Diaz, Tere Galla 7. Janet Tralins, Clara Romero, Marissa De La Tejera, Karla D. Bueno, Viviana Diaz, Sophie Bamps, Elena Iturriaga, Tere Galla 8. Elena Iturriaga, Viviana Diaz, Sophie Bamps, Tere Galla, Marissa De La Tejera 6 8