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Encounters 1 3 2 4 Community matters Mike Aixala & Brigitte Nachtigall hosted a fundraiser for State Attorney Kathy Fernandez Rundle at their home on Harbor Drive. Friends and family gathered to meet the State Attorney and to learn about all the things that her office does to help and keep our community safe. — Photos by James Irwin 5 6 98 1. Giulietta Ulloa, Silvia Bermudez 2. Mike Aixala, Eduardo Barco 3. Coralie Duchamp, Luz Estella Houlzet, Florencia Godward, Brigitte Nachtigall, Maria Cruz Waterhouse 4.Daniele Del Gaudio, Patricia Nachtigall 5. Mike Aixala, Brigitte Nachtigall, Kathy Fernandez Rundle, Angel Aixala 6. Jeri Volpe, Kara Diez, Greg Van Natter 7. Lorna Salomon, Kathy Fernandez Rundle, Virginia Cordoba, Diana Hernandez 8. Enrique & Paola Gosselin, Jackie Arango 9. Angela Barco, Veronica Peralta, Magaly La Plana 10. Fernando & Lorena Guardazzi 11. Jorge & Liza Boj 12. Rosaura Rodriguez, Brigitte Nachtigall, Diana Bustamante 13. Monica Aristizabal, Gloria Bracciano 14. Coralie & Patrick Duchamp 15. Patricio Waterhouse, Carlos Guinan 16. Loles & Arturo Cajiga, Kathy Fernandez Rundle, Rosa Pacini