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Encounters 1 2 3 4 ARTISTIC ADVENTURE The Enrichment & Therapy Center and Dante Alighieri invited guests to partake in a Venice-themed cultural evening featuring speakers, artists and jaw-dropping multi-media presentations. 1. Monica Campana with one of her paintings 2. Toni Gregori, Melissa Bartolini, David Die 3. Carmen Bernhoeft, Monica Campana, Lizy Blaser, Erika Poy 4. Amarylli Fridegotto 5. Armando Luna, Gabriella Luna, Arturo Mastelli 6. Irina Fernandez, Laura Miller, Mary Pinedo 7. Johanna Pieschacon, Beatriz Calderon 8. Nadia Fridegotto, Giusi Campana 5 6 7 8 103