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Encounters w/ Diamonds On The Key 1 2 3 4 GLIMMER OF HOPE Diamonds on the Key held a fundraiser hosted by Cristina Termine at her Key Biscayne residence for Pan y Amor, a foundation in Nicaragua that helps kids in need get a better education so they can set and achieve life goals. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Eva Garcia, Chris Housen 2. Ana Somarriba, Janine Ersfeld 3. Maria Patricia Somarriba, Kattia Goldstein, Cristina Termine, Ana Somarriba, Maritza Minor 4. Mary Tague, Chris Housen 5. Eva McGregor , Ana Maria Rappaccioli, Aileen McGregor 6. Ana Somarriba, Cristina Termine, Kattia Goldstein 7. Ana Maria Rappaccioli, Marta Avila, Maria Donnelly 8. Maria Patrcia Somarriba, Janine Ersfeld 5 6 102 7 8