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Encounters ACT NOW Act 4 Me and Essence Corp. hosted a special beauty day demonstration at The Ocean Club to help improve the lives of children with neurological disorders. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Maida Berberian-Bignon, Patricia Bona, Martha Poulat and Luzma Iruretagoyena 2. Ana Vaz and Leticia Croix 3. Gaygay Richie and Paula Lewis 4. Laura Dray and Emily Oquero 5. Marilu Bañuelos and Coco Morales 6. Laetitia Piedra and Bobette Rousseau 7. Astrid Nino and Rosemarie Oberrieth 8. Alejandra Hierro and Pilar Sroka 9. Dorine Heller and Beatrice Garcia- Herrera 10. Luz Maria Alduncin, Patricia Bona, Laetitia Piedra and Toña Ocaranza 11. Diana Escobaro and Sylvie Bajol 2 3 4 6 7 9 10 100 1 5 8 11