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love wireless Feature We compiled a list of some creative phone apps we dreamed up to spice up or smooth out your love life this month. Just don’t blame us if they leave a blemish on your V-Day plans or bend Cupid’s arrow. Read on at your own risk. And remember, these reviews are just for fun! None of these apps actually exist (yet)! Text by Jacquelyn Benson W e’re all familiar with calendars, GPS, and being able to constantly update our Facebook status, but these days it seems like any need imaginable can be fulfilled by a clever phone app. Want your phone to randomly present you with funny pictures of cats? Done. Need a strobe light for spontaneous dance parties? You got it. With over 100,000 apps out there for iPhones alone, we decided to introduce you to some potential, yet-to-be-invented apps that would be useful for couples. Join us as we guide you on all the things that could possible go wrong (and right) with each. 36