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Encounters Bella BASH Luminaries, friends and stars of the entertainment industry all gathered to celebrate the award-winning film Bella at the Mashta Island home of the film’s executive producers, Sean and Ana Wolfington. The private dinner party included celebrity legends from various genres and nationalities as well as Key Biscayne’s elite. 1. Manny Perez, Alejandro Montemayor, Eduardo Verastegui, Ana and Sean Wolfington 2. Eduardo Verastegui and Tony Bennett. 3. Ernesto Peralta and Alejandro Montemayor. 4. Barbara Palacios & Mario Andres Moreno. 5. Sean and Ana Wolfington with Alejandro Sanz. 6. Carolina and Pablo Cejas. 7. Carolina Cejas, Brigitte Nachtigall, Ana Wolfington and Sol Steed. 8. Alejandro Montemayor, Alejandro Sanz and Eduardo Verastegui. 9. Veronica Peralta and Paulina Rubio. 10. Alex and Jessica Jimenez 11. Sol and Santiago Steed. 12. Alicia Aixala and Eduardo Verastegui. 13. Giselle Blondet, Mike Folke and Maria Celeste Arraras. 14. Veronica and Ernesto Peralta. 15. Sean Wolfington, Veronica and Carlos Ponce. 16. Rodney Figueroa, Eduardo Garcia and Jorge Ramos. 1 2 4 94 key biscayne magazine 3 5 6