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Encounters MISSION COMPLETE A celebratory reunion at Ocean Club on Key Biscayne honored the doctors, nurses and volunteers who recently spent four days in Sumpango, Guatemala, on yet another successful Medical Mission to help the area’s residents. During the trip, the group saw more than 4,000 patients and changed just as many lives. 1. Florence Keans, Yvette Egozcue, Larry Robinson & Alicia Egozcue 2. Olga Lopez, Sandra & Hilda Ortiz 10. Dr. Florence & Keith Keane 3. The Martinez Family 11. Dr. Silva, Sr. And Guest 4. Elio & Cynthia Dodda 12. Cesear & Eddie Guardado 5. Mercedes Frias & Rochelle Marill 1 9. Cesear Guardado, Chris Peneranda, Oscar Lopez & George Becerra 13. Sandra & Braulio Ortiz with Orlando Silva & Brianna Ruiz 6. Kelly Bree, Cynthia Donna, Mercedes Frias, Kelly Peirce & Rochelle Marill 7. Drs Orlando Silva & Christina Gomez with Medical Team Members 8. Eliza Valenti, Elisa Egozcue, Larry Robinson, Susie Alvarez & Olga Lopez 2 3 6 90 key biscayne magazine 4 5 7 14. Braulio Ortiz & The Obgy Team 15. Brenda &Larry Robinson with Nancy Tsue, Olga & Oscar Lopez & Chris Peneranda