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Compass F inan ce Money Matters Lamborghini Laptop Lamborghini understands that people who like to go fast don’t just go fast on the road, which is why the Lamborghini Notebook Series by ASUS provides users with speed and performance in a computer. The 15-inch screen model is lighter than most notebooks and has a longer battery life, with style that’s paralleled only by Lamborghini itself. Starting at $2,999 at For many couples, financial stress tops the list of relationship problem-causers. It’s only when a pair decides to work together that the problems can be worked through appropriately. Here is some advise to help you cope while others continuing suffering through their joint banking woes: Diamond Chat To make your phone calls extra special, the new Diamond Nokia E 65 Rose Gold Cellphone is made of 18kt rose gold encrusted with 350 perfectly handset diamonds. Created by Australian designer-jeweler Peter Aloisson, this cell blurs the lines between gadget, art and jewelry, a style that has come to define his work since he released his first diamond-encrusted cellphone in 1998. This is one phone you’ll be proud to leave on during a business meeting. Available for $47,110 at Classy Cuffs It’s all in the details, from your shirt to the cufflinks on your sleeve. These crocodile cufflinks by Tateossian might be a bit on the wild side, but they’re small enough to give you just the right amount of style at your next power lunch. If the occasion calls for something a little more conservative, peruse their other styles at Balance: If you remember the TV series The Odd Couple, somewhere between messy Oscar and neat-obsessed Felix is the happy medium, and so too with spending. Plan to live well by accomplishing your most important goals while preserving your future resources. Relax: Focus on the long-term and don’t let short-term markets make you crazy. With couples in their 60s having a 25 percent chance of one spouse living past 95, focusing on 30-plus years of retirement is not only realistic, it’s essential. Your financial life is a marathon, not a sprint. What’s Important Now: Make a list of all those things you both wanted to do during your short stay on Earth. Whether it be pursuing a pastime by yourself or taking the trip of a lifetime together, jot them all down. If you’re on target, congratulate yourself. If not, go ahead and catch up. You deserve it. › Charles Sachs is a VP with Evensky & Katz, a wealth management firm that caters to the needs of affluent clients, their families, and businesses as part of a long-term consultative approach. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and holds a Masters in Business from FIU. 5.9mm “If I’m going to do something, I do it spectacularly or not at all.” — Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud 24 key biscayne magazine Blog Frog 946 The thickness of the world’s thinnest cellphone, Samsung’s Ultra Edition 5.9. Term used for a co-worker who spends most of the workday blog surfing. The total billionaires currently alive throughout the world, according to Forbes’ latest estimate.