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EDITOR’S PICKS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES adorno, damas & associates, P.l. northwestern Mutual Financial network 1000 Brickell avenue Ste. 1005 Miami, Fl 33131 305.381.9999 200 S. Biscayne Blvd., Ste. 1150 Miami, Fl 33131 305.373.3738 Why we picked it: Covering everything from civil litigation to real estate issues and personal injury cases, this is the go-to firm that can handle any lemons life throws at you. Why we picked it: For many, financial security seems like wishful thinking. But with this team of financial representatives by your side, the dream of financial stability can become a lucrative reality. Miami law Trust & Title Brickell Cleaning 1000 Brickell ave. Miami, Fl 33131 305.381.999; 305.974.1550 Why we picked it: As a title company that’s attorney-owned Why we picked it: From single-family homes to large-scale shops and operated, they take bankruptcy, short sales and foreclosure knowledge to the next level, making their attention and legal advice and offi ces, the professionals at Brickell Cleaning have what it takes to keep your space spotless, ceiling to carpet. truly personalized. 72 K EY B I S C AY N E G u I dE 2 011