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Encounters HOMECARE SERVICES On November 13th, the Key Biscayne Community Foundation in partnership with United HomeCare Services hosted a reception at Village Hall for the Alzheimer’s Association to help raise community awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. Recent Advances in Alzheimer’s Research Today and Tomorrow was the topic presented by William H. Thies, PhD, senior scientist, educator and Vice President of Medical and Scientific Relations for the Alzheimer’s Association. 1. Ximena Antunez de Mayolo, William H. Thies, PhD, Yvonne Gonzalez and Gerardo Minsal, MD 2. Gigi Antuñez de Mayolo, Ximena Antuñez de Mayolo and Jorge Antuñez de Mayolo, MD 3. Ellen Brown and José R. Fox 4. A. Rivas- Vasquez, PhD and Carmen Ortiz-Butcher, MD 5. Jeffrey Horstmyer, MD and Vianca Stubbs 6. Marina Bravo, Robert L. Maggs, MD and Ana A. Rivas-Vasquez, PhD 7. José R. Fox and Anne Roth 1 3 2 5 90 KEY BISCAYNE MAGAZINE 6 4 7