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Encounters CREATIVE SOJOURN Jessica de Linares, owner of the exclusive kids boutique Hippo, invited guests to her Key Biscayne home for an exclusive Christmas Trunk Show. The day was fi lled with fun, friends and the work of renowned designers such as kids’ artist Isa Zapata and Caty Sacco, among many others. 1. Catalina Maya, Claudia Bahamon & Isa Zapata 2. Caty Sacco & Giovanna 3. Hosanna de Linares & Caro Murciano 4. Cecilia Dibildoux & Nathalie Sowinski 5. Isa Zapata & Jessica de Linares 6. Macarena Zubiria 7. Patricia Arango & Marisol Gomez 8. Melissa Gomez Cuetara 1 3 2 4 7 88 KEY BISCAYNE MAGAZINE 5 6 8