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Encounters COCKTAILS UNDER THE STARS To celebrate the beginning of the social season with glamour and style, Hollywould and The Whitehall Society entertained more than 300 selected VIP personalities and stars with an exclusive gala evening at the splendid landmark Flagler Museum. 1. Benjamin McFarland with Christina Matthews & Charlie Maddock take a moment to pose for the camera 2. David Shapiro, Moet Hennessy’s Dana Schou, Mike Shapiro & Holly Dunlap 3. Hollywould Creative Director Holly Dunlap 4. Kristen Cashel, Molly Jackson, Tom Henry & Sessa Von Richthofen 5. Scott Zenko & Holly Dunlap dance it up 6. Sessa Von Richthofen, Kristen Cashel, Caroline Forrest, Elizabeth Belkin & Karly Askeland all wearing exclusive Hollywould creations 7. Francesca Traldi, James Guerra, Holly Dunlap, Borrelli’s Todd Davidson & Rocky Lambert 1 2 3 4 6 8 8 key biscayne magazine 5 7