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Encounters w/ Brigitte De Langeron 1 2 3 4 FESTIVE OCCASION A very special Costume Party was hosted by Brigitte De Langeron at Fortune International Realty in Key Biscayne with catering by Tutto Pizza Pasta. 1. German Botero, Linda Chehab, Anahid Chalikian, Anita Gomez w/ Anthony, Sandy Escarpio, Brigitte De Langeron, Elena Boitel, Lan Lu, Maureen Jauregui, Titi Guerra 2. Costume Contest Winner Deco Kanaan 3. Tati Guerra, Luis Canelon, Lan Lu, Brigitte De Langeron 4. The Kanaan Family, Brigitte De Langeron, Lan Lu 4. Henry Puerta, Brigitte De Langeron 5. Tati Guerra, Brigitte De Langeron, Luis Canelon, Lan Lu 5 145