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Compass Connoisseur Taste Sight On Key Biscayne, diners, corporate clients and wedding guests alike are flocking to the newly transformed The Rusty Pelican — a waterfront restaurant, lounge & special events venue long known for offering Miami’s most amazing skyline views. Offering the definition of modern, fun and comfortable dining, the iconic restaurant boasts their signature view along with great cuisine from Executive Chef Michael Gilligan in a high-energy atmosphere that literally buzzes with excitement; Yummy Delivery Under instruction to keep your diet in line? There’s an easier — and more delicious — way than ever to make that happen. DeliverLean brings meals to your front door, made with gourmet flair…and now, with their new Rx Meals Program food is available in line with a range of different medical requirements, from diabetic-friendly to heart-healthy. Everything is made with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein and the right fats and complex carbohydrates. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered; 888.730.LEAN, Big Mess “A young chef adds and adds and adds to the plate. As you get older, you start to take away.” — Jacques Pepin 32 Potent Fruit Hippo Slurp Back when Snapple decided to make a 25-foot tall frozen Snapple popsicle, the result was a kiwi-strawberry flood in New York’s Union Square. Talk about a publicity stunt gone wrong… Pineapple is strong stuff: Bromelain, an emzyme found in it can break down the structure of gelatin and other proteins. A steak soaked in fresh pineapple juice will turn to mush in days! The earliest evidence of the existence of soup found by archaeologists dates back to 6,000 B.C. The main ingredient? Well, it was hippopotamus meat. They must have needed a really big pot.