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Encounters w/ MISO 1 3 2 4 5 PERFECT HARMONY After a weekend of concerts with MISO, Patrice Jackson performed alongside musicians of MISO during an intimate chamber music concert in the magical living room at The M Building. — Photos by Cristina Sullivan 1. Maria Hamilton, Chef Jackie, Athina Marturet, Lisette Rondon, Isa Zapata 2. Cristina Sullivan, Valerie Warfel 3. Jim Fields, Luisa Basnuevo 4. Joe Moreno, Susan Taing 5. Melissa & Matt Marshall 6. Alfredo Armas, Anne Chicheportiche, Stephanie Platt 7. Maria Hamilton, Eduardo Marturet, Chef Jackie 8. Mark O’Connor, Anne Chicheportiche, Muriel Affriat 6 7 126 8