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Feature Lending Thanks to the Key Biscayne Community Foundation, those who want to improve life on the island have a way to make their philanthropic wishes come true — one good deed at a time. Tex t by Jacquelyn Benson T he world-famous beaches, beautiful neighborhoods, and thriving arts and culture scene are just a few of the qualities that make Key Biscayne such a special place. But at the heart of the island’s appeal lies a secret – the generosity of a league of donors and philanthropists committed to improving life in the community. Instrumental to bridging the gap between those good intentions and their realization is the Key Biscayne Community Foundation [KBCF], a public charity that helps donors meet their philanthropic goals from start to finish. “In addition to the philanthropic knowledge we give to our donors, we offer professional investment management and administrative services like accounting, regulatory filings, grant requests and grantmaking. Because we are a public charity, and not a private foundation, our donors receive the maximum tax benefit immediately,” explains Executive Director Melissa McCaughan White. The foundation helps donors on a global scale, but it’s the focus on the Key Biscayne community that has made many of the area’s philanthropists want to work with them. 44