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Encounters @ Village of Merrick Park Happy Holidays! The Village of Merrick Park recently hosted their annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. Families from around South Florida were in attendance for the highly anticipated event. 1. Irma Toirac, Claudia Castaldo and Techi Mendoza 2. Christian, Alejandro and Maria Schwarz 3. Maria and Mateo Zamora 4. Jesse, Seth and Jenna Kaplan 5. Kristy Hernandez and Nina Fernandez 6. Natalia Mark & Claudia Hernandez 7. Susan, Miguel and Orlando Lopez 8. Bianca, Beatriz, Francesca, Frank and Madoc Maresma 9. Jose, Valentian and Florencia Tocasuche 10. Jorge Estor, Aaron and Edward Calejo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 114 9 10