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Encounters grand bay club annual bazaar The Grand Bay Club held annual Christmas Bazaar, it was a great success! Lunch and refreshments was served. — Photos Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Maria Luisa De Marchena, Nakir Rojas and Lisstte Ramirez 2. Silvia Sannia and Laura Tabora 3. Diana Stambulie and Maria Betancourt 4. Moira Gutierrez and Randy Marquina 5. Suzette Fonte and Maria Eugenia Messina 6. Florencia Moni and Candelaria Badessich 7. Renne Domenech and Betty Guillama 8. Maria Fralliccibirdi and Alexandra Penso 9. Olga Medina and Gabriela Xacur 10. Erika Fragger and Jane Morales 11. Patricia Arango, Susana Roja and Maria Adelaida Ospina 12. Mary Jo Pinedo, Anna Wallington and Linda Chehab 13. Cecilia Dima and Christel Maulhardt 14. Lucia Quesada and Gloria Santiso 15. Ivana Rancic and Ana Claudia Melhado 16. Maria Carmen and Jimena Fernandez 17. Vanessa Cavalcante and Mariana Miro 18. Patricia Lopez and Karen Perez 19. Silvia and Marita Olloqui 20. Fabienne Brochard and Virginie April 21. Olga Guerra and Claudia Compean 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 110