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Encounters Wine WOW The 2009 Miami International Wine Fair raking in an astounding 40% increase in reported sales this year. Nearly 7,000 attendees enjoyed offerings from more than 1,500 wines from 20 countries. 1. Shana OverHulser, Henry Barron and Shari Gherman 2. Edward Smith and Hillary Smith 3. Idalmis Rodriguez, Betsy Sharp, Katrina Sharp and Guillermo 4. Gregory Bellamy and Neuza Bellamy 5. Angela Santamaria, Susana Duque and Suen Capo 6. Jose Cuin and Lisset Ceyala 7. Naomi Camadona, Marcos Escobar, Leandro Camadona, Marissa Ca 8. Kara Kelly and Conrad Miami Chef Jonathan McCann 9. Mariella Martinez and P.C. Martinez with Latin Billboard 1 2 3 6 4 7 5 8 9 97