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Encounters baby shower! Friends and family of Christine Galliano gathered at the home of sister- in-law Saskia Galliano-Touret for a delightful baby shower. Festivities included a delicious lunch, catered by Cafe Santa Maria, fun-filled games, plenty of adorable gifts and a surprise visit of soon to be first time father, Victor Galliano! 1. Parents to be, Victor and Christine Galliano 2. Mariela Mestre 3. Sara Milton, Ms.Cristina Miranda, Mrs.Cristina Miranda, Hortensia de Solminihac, Nily Diaz, Barbie Blanco 4. Margarita Guerrero, Saskia Touret, Ivette Rey 5. Nathalie Naintre, Teresa Bonner, Beatriz Miles, Caron Dockerty, Cristina de-Cordoba, Alice-Roques 6. Alicia Suarez, Maria Teresa Fdz Concheso, Ana Maria Rabassa 7. Yanik Espinosa, Carolina Cubero, Beatriz Rabassa, Heather Guggenthaler, Elena Garcia Montes 8. Claudia Yidi, Magaly Laplana, Cristina Henriquez 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 88 8