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Encounters Glorious celebration St. Agnes Catholic Church hosted their annual gala. The night proved to be another unforgettable evening of great music, food and dancing that united the community. 1. Carlos and Lauren Battle and Amy and Ed Easton 2. Zulema and Steve Nasser 3. Father Israel Mago, Sister Marie Angela and Father Jose Hernando 4. Jose Luis and Alejandra Carranza 5. Alida Kubzan, Martha Salas and Juliette Lesmes 6. Isidro and Antonella Romero 7. Ileana Fajardo and Alicia Estefani 8. Carmen Harvell and Anita Carrasco 9. Antonella Romero, Enrique Kubzan, Laura Rojas- Hernandez and Jorge Hernandez 10. Jonathan and Lilliam Johnston 1 2 3 5 8 84 4 6 9 7 10