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Perspective ECO ALERT Leading scientists have warned us for years of the consequences involving climate change and the inevitable doomsday waltz our planet is entangled in. Our ecosystem is in peril so right about now is a good time to bust out the superhero suit. T E X T BY FR AN CE SC A CRUZ G iven recent events, from catastrophic hurricanes of monstrous proportions to destructive tornados, implacable wildfires and an earthquake in Mexico City that was almost off the Richter scale — the question that stands is no longer whether climate change is real, but is Armageddon upon us? Is it something in the water? In the air? In outer space? Are Martians toying with our ecosystems?! I know it involves some kind of “path” just not the “right path.” I’d much prefer to blame it on extraterrestrial activity than on humanity. In 2008, there was an alleged UFO crash in Needles, California, causing the military to beef up its presence in the area as the number of UFO sightings steadily began increasing. There you have it, the proof is in the “dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO organic” pudding. Oh that’s another thing, we take such care to eat healthy and yet treat our 96 planet in the most cavalier and careless way. Now back to Martians. Picture this, the scene out of Tim Burton’s 1996 movie Mars Attacks! The aliens land on Earth proclaiming they come in peace and then set everything ablaze. Scorching down whatever they come in contact with. Far-fetched? Maybe not. I certainly didn’t imagine what’s unfolding now ever taking place. Besides, let’s look at the facts. In 1996, for instance, a team of NASA scientists at the Johnson Space Center, in conjunction with Stanford University, conducted a report that concluded there was evidence that strongly suggests life may have existed on Mars. At this point in the juncture, we’re in a pretty pickle and anything’s possible. If we look to theology for answers, the world’s major religions have very precise viewpoints on the subject. For Christianity, the Book Of Revelation describes a last battle on Earth between good and evil; it tells of famine, earthquakes and war. For