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Encounters w/ Sabadell United Bank 1 2 3 BANKING IN PARADISE Sabadell United Bank held the grand opening of their new Key Biscayne Branch. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Fernando Perez-Hickman, Mayra Mesa, Orlando Roche, Dwight L. Hill 2. Charles Akhal, Laurelie Lecussan, Mayra Mesa, Juliet Ventour 3. Ana Ordoñez, Tracy Koço, Andre Siegel 4. Andrea Benedetti, Andre Siegel, Ana Ordoñez 5. Mayra Mesa, Raul & Karen Lllorente 6. Patricia Peraita, Kathie Susnjer, Patricia Romano 7. Tatyana Chiocchetti, Mayra Mesa, Karen Llorente, Patricia Romano, Patricia Peraita, Kathie Susnjer, Michele Estevez 8. Tatyana Chiocchetti, Donna Dickey, Andrea Benedetti, Mariella Oliva 9. Donna Dicket, Mariella Oliva 10. Julian Mesa, Michele Estevez, Arnau Llopart 4 134