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Compass FYI BIZ BOOSTERS You can never be too productive or too high-profile (just look at The Kardashians). But whether you’re a single person start-up or working for a multi-national company, the following services will help you work more efficiently. T E X T BY SA N DY L I N D S E Y 1. 4. 5. 6. 7. SNACK TOOLS: Free apps to create everything from a website to slideshows and flipbooks. All without the need for an IT or Art Department. SLACK: Use contractors instead of employees? Slack allows you to communicate with your team as if they were in the office with you. 2. FACEBOOK AUDIENCE INSIGHTS: Provides detailed product demographics based off product-interest keywords. Best of all, it’s free. DASHLANE: This auto-logger returns all the wasted time we spend remembering and typing all our various usernames, passwords and credit card numbers daily. 3. RING CENTRAL: Make a small business seem bigger even if you’re running the world from your cell phone by putting callers in a sophisticated hold queue. 56 AUDIENCE OWL: Analyzes your email lists and Twitter followers and quantifies their demographics to direct you to the best prospects to network with. GOOGLE SURVEY: Want to know what your audience thinks? Just ask them. It’s that simple. SurveyMonkey is another alternative. 8. GUSTO: We loved the old name — Zen Payroll — because it said it all. From your first employee to your 500th, it even factors in worker’s comp and health benefits. 9. 10. HELLOBOND: Allows you to send correspondence via snail mail written by a robot with a fountain pen. It’s totally personalized technology. MENTION.NET: Just how well are you known? This website allows you to track all of your mentions online, allowing you to keep your finger on your popularity pulse on-the-go and in real time.