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Compass F a shi o n CLIPS & CACHÉ Adding a brooch can amp up any look with a punch of personal style, but have you considered what a shoe clip can do for your head-to-toe look? T E X T BY E S T R E LL I TA S . S I B I L A The style inspirations are endless when you add a shoe clip from Jacob Lily to your style repertoire. It’s the perfect accessory to modernize your favorite pieces — and we aren’t just talking shoes. Add extra drama and shine to your favorite pump with a Diamond & Pearl Cluster worn either on the front lip or the side of the shoe. If you want to shift the focus, use a Vintage-Inspired Filigree Shoe Clip to bedazzle a clutch, or transform the Rhinestone Leaf Cluster into a headband. If those options aren’t enough, turn your favorite clip into an eye-catching pendant, adding a touch of sparkle to any ensemble. Best of all, you can refresh your wardrobe all year long with this high-style secret; 30