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Encounters @ Riviera School 1 2 SCHOOL NIGHT Riviera School’s “Back-to-School Night” began with presentations from the school’s Musical Department and a performance from the Dance Club. Afterword, parents followed their children’s schedule giving them an opportunity to meet the teachers and become familiar with the school’s curriculum. 3 5 108 1. Dr. Linda Grant, Lawrence H. Cohen, Peter E. Cohen, Carol Repensek, Deborah Sperber, Jorge Ortega 2. Noli Zaldivar, Roberto Roque 3. Carlos & Alina Perez 4. Rafael & Lucia Moreno 5. Suzanne Spies, Adriana Giampier, Carolina Giampier 6. Betty & Ed Johnson 7. Lyne Jacques, Jocelyne Vomar 8. Betty & Alex Pol 9. Melissa Cameron, Ron Shatz 10. Michelle & Richard Starke 11. Ann Marie Perez, Danny Perez 12. John Peet & Nilda Rivera 13. Richard & Jackie Lipman 4 6